quantumpsychiatrist asked: I'm probably not going to understand your answer anyway, but what mathematical construct do you most associate with gender? How about sexual/romantic orientation? And what's your favorite function?


The thing that makes the mathematical structure of gender clearer to me is the notion of “transition”. There’s a notion of having a gender A and then moving to a gender B, and there’s a notion of moving slowly or quickly and not being able to “jump” easily.

The point being, there’s a notion of continuity to one’s experience of gender, and thus, gender must be, at the very least least, a topological space. In fact, many topological spaces, since different people have different notions of what gender means. Cis people tend to have a two point discrete space gender system, but we can have more complicated gender systems. Is your gender system a manifold? Is it metrizable? Second-countable? all fun things to ponder.

(Personally, my opinion is that the “best” gender space is, in fact, the space of “aesthetics”, on the ground that all other gender spaces are embeddable in it [intuitively] which is why I consider it the Final gender system [it’s a category theory thing] [also using it as a gender space, in some sense, destroys the very notion of gender] [so it’s a pun])

Anyways, orientation. Like, there’s a lot of puns one could make w/r/t orientable manifolds and w/e but in all near-seriousness, the notion that makes the most sense to me here is the notion of “measure”. Orientation is a measure on gender space (arguably a set of measures, one for each of sexual/romantic/friend/etc attractions that you may or may not have. [is there a nuance with having a null sexual orientation measure and having no sexual orientation measure? I’ve seen some ace posts that suggest to me that that would make sense.])

this notion actually works quite nicely with the Final gender system, in that, in fact, what people are attracted to is more precisely aesthetics than genders, I think maybe?

(i may not be using the term aesthetics correctly. basically generalize the term as much as possible until this works)

favorite function: idk? i don’t like to pick favorites :V I guess I’ll just put Friedman’s TREE function because its bigness is huge, that’s as good a reason as any…

reminder to self: read up on karl popper, feynman on philosophy, and particle physics

edit: and know current events

my AP US Government class has three anarchists in it

gon do time-of-flight measurement of the speed of light

this book is so good and it makes me laugh and smile and understand basic concepts

this book is so good and it makes me laugh and smile and understand basic concepts

this music I could listen to while studying optics and quantum mechanics (there isn’t much music that works with mentally intensive activities like those), cuddling significant other, sex, lying on the ground staring at the ceiling, eating pork fat in silence, etc. etc. etc.

i associate it with a certain color of my existence

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